Everyone in Boulder County is part of something big.
We just don’t know it yet.

Our ecosystem is at the core of our lives-the nourishment in our food, our health, our air, our local economy, our government, our environment, and our well-being.

The Shed: Boulder County is a new educational campaign formed by a coalition of business, government and non-profit leaders in Boulder County.  Our goal is to balance our food system by promoting the increased production, consumption, and preservation of regional and local food options.

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We live in a remarkable place with a sense of community and shared values.

You might not know about it, but you’re a part of it. It’s the Boulder County Foodshed, and every one of us is key to its health and vibrancy.

  • A foodshed is more than a place.  A foodshed is about what we eat, but it is more than the food on our plate, too.
  • Above all, a foodshed is a relationship: between people and the environment, between community and its producers, between individuals and the economy.
  • We are our food, our land, our water, our air, our economy.  The Shed houses it all.
  • We’re together.  We’re in.  Support local farmers.  Shop locally.
  • Love where you live and it will love you back.

The Shed isn’t something we create—
it’s already around us.

The founding members of The Shed Boulder County are:

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The more consumers we can get buying local food, the more producers will produce for the local market. The more producers there are in the local market, the more consumers can buy local food.

-Chef Ann Cooper, director of food services for the Boulder Valley School District and founder of the Chef Ann Foundation.


Focus on high-leverage projects where there is a distinct benefit of working between several organizations

Inspire and support educational events throughout the community

Serve as central repository/clearinghouse for ongoing local food efforts in the Boulder County Foodshed

The Shed Boulder County supports initiatives that promote our local foodshed and economy:

Dig In!: The Contest

 For Boulder County high school art teachers and students participating in our first ever art contest aimed at "Digging In!" to Boulder County's Food Shed! For details and resources visit: Dig In! Art Contest.

Edible Landscapes

Nourish a sense of community by participating in one of many projects aimed at growing and harvesting food in our local landscapes. Visit the Edible Landscapes page for details.

Double Up Food Bucks

The Double Up Food Bucks Program not only increases low income residents’ access to healthy, local produce, but it also supports our local economy, farmers, and businesses. 

What is your best idea about improving your local food experience in Boulder County?

Send us an email and tell us about it!


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