Edible Landscapes Project

Edible Landscapes Projects:

*Community Fruit Rescue – This coalition project of 350 Boulder County, FallingFruit.org, Boulder Food Rescue and Boulder Bear Coalition launched in fall of 2014.

Goals: Build a stronger sense of community, promote eating locally, reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with a globalized food system, protect wildlife by reducing the temptations for bears to come into town, and deliver food that would otherwise be wasted to people who need it.

What we do: work with neighborhood coordinators to organize community fruit tree harvests. One-third of the produced gleaned goes to each of the following: the homeowner, the harvesters, and Boulder Food Rescue recipients.

Want to participate this summer and fall? Fill out the registration form on this page. 

Photo Credit Paul Aiken, Daily Camera  Read more here in the Daily Camera, Aug. 24, 2014 and here in the Boulder Weekly, Nov. 6, 2014.


* Food Forests in Parks – What’s nicer than walking through your local park and picking some apples and raspberries along the way? We are working with city planners to integrate edible landscaping in the redesign of park areas and public spaces in Boulder. The vision includes working with youth and adults in our community to plant fruit and nut trees and bushes, medicinal plants, and veggie gardens in parks and public areas and provide educational signage and interactive learning opportunities.


* Yards to Gardens – We are collaborating with partner organizations to develop a program to offer consultations for home or business owners interested in transforming their yard into anedible landscape, based on their interests in having edible veggie gardens, fruit or nut bearing trees and bushes, medicinal plants, bee havens and drought-tolerant natives.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Edible Landscapes Working Group, contact micah@350colorado.org.