Take Action


BUY Local

Purchase food grown in the Boulder County Foodshed. By buying locally-produced food you support local farmers, feed yourself and your family healthy nutritious food, increase resilience of our local food supply, improve our local economy, and decrease emissions from food transportation.

Buying your food at your local farmers market is a great start. You can also look for “Grown Locally” or “Colorado Proud” signs by produce and products at your local grocery store, such as Alfalfa’s, Lucky’s, Whole Foods, and King Soopers.

You don’t have to replace your entire grocery list at once. Start by replacing one or two non-local items you buy regularly with a local version.

Join one of the many CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) options. Pay a farm up front for a whole season of fresh produce, eggs, meat, and more… directly from a local farm. Pick up your produce each week at a pick up site near you or at the farm! Yum!

There are options for making local food affordable. One of these is Double SNAP benefits with Double Up Bucks! The Double Up Food Bucks program doubles the value of federal nutritional (SNAP or food stamps) benefits spent at participating markets and food retail stores, helping people bring home more healthy fruits and vegetables while supporting local farmers. The wins are three-fold: more families have access to fruits and vegetables, local farmers gain new customers, and more food dollars stay in the local economy.

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SHOP at a Farmers Market or Farm Store

Boulder County Farmers’ Markets, Ollin Farms, Cure Farm Stand, and Red Wagon Farm Store are a few of the many options. (If you are a farmer or have a favorite farm store not currently listed, please let us know at shedbouldercounty@gmail.com and we will add you to our list).

SUPPORT Restaurants and Local Retailers that Support Our Foodshed

We’re lucky that in Boulder County many restaurants are making an effort to purchase from our local foodshed. You can show your support by eating there and letting them know that you appreciate their effort.

Next time that you’re at your favorite restaurant, ask them which products they source locally and let them know that eating local food matters to you. Your interest in local can help change our restaurants’ purchasing habits.

If a restaurant provide a comments card, thank them for the local products and produce they already provide and encourage them to provide more locally-grown food. They need to hear that consumers care about this issue.


GROW Some of Your Own Food at Home or in a Community Garden

Growing more of our own food is a great way to ensure that we’re eating healthy, nutritious food.

Attend gardening classes offered by Growing Gardens, Harlequin’s Gardens, and Permaculture Classes at CU, Naropa, Rockies Edge Permaculture, or other locations.

Purchase local, hardy, neonicitinoid-free (bee safe) seeds and starts at Harlequin’s Gardens, Growing Gardens, McGuckin Hardware, and through Center for Resource Conservation’s Garden in a Box, and other places that offer organic options – be sure to ask.

The Seed Library at the Boulder Main Public Library offers tons of FREE organic seeds to get you started on the planting adventure. That’s right, just head to the Seeds Café!

Take the guesswork out of knowing what your soil needs and have a more productive garden by testing your soil through CSU Soil Testing Lab. Kits are also available at McGuckin Hardware.

Want help gardening in your yard? Contact Urban Farm Company of Colorado for help growing a raised garden, or contact 350BoCo to learn about transitioning your Yards to Gardens.

Ecocycle’s compost tea can help you build healthier, more nutritious soils and plants.

Consider keeping chickens or bees. Beekeeping classes are offered through Growing Gardens.


PARTICIPATE in a CSA or Local Share Program

Pay up front for a whole season of fresh produce, eggs, meat, and more… directly from a local farm. Pick up your produce each week at a pick up site near you or at the farm! Yum! Here’s a list of several CSAs in the area.


HARVEST and Share

Harvest fruit trees around town, enjoy, share, and celebrate the bounty of our urban forest with Community Fruit Rescue.



Volunteer your time to learn more and support your local foodshed through great local partners like Boulder County Open Space Department or City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks. You can also ask your favorite local farm about volunteer opportunities.

Boulder Food Rescue focuses on redistributing fresh and healthy foods that would be discarded from local businesses to people of low-income or who are homeless. They also have many projects, such as Garden Against Hunger.

Community Food Share works to prevent food insecurity of families and students in poverty by exchanging food from local farmers and grocery stores free of charge. You can also get active and help distribute!

Community Fruit Rescue harvests public and private fruit trees in the area, shares the fruit with the harvesters, the homeowner (when applicable), and local food banks to celebrate the bounty of our urban forest!

Emergency Family Assistance Association provides food and help with critical expenses, like rent, utilities, minor medical costs and transportation.

Edible Landscapes Coalition promotes growing more local food in our shared spaces.



Making informed choices about the food you eat, grow and buy is an essential part of supporting sustainable, responsible agricultural production. The resources listed here offer a variety of opportunities to increase your knowledge about the local food system.

  • Dig In! To Local Food
  • Permaculture and growing classes
  • Preservation classes at 3 Leaf Farm, Cure, Community Fruit Rescue
  • Local Food Shift
  • Food Lab
  • Netflix and farmer’s market popcorn, anyone? Add these documentaries to your queue!
    • A Place at the Table
    • Cooked
    • Cowspiracy
    • Fed Up
    • Food Beware
    • Food Inc
    • Food Fight
    • Food Matters
    • Forks Over Knives
    • Fresh
    • Hungry for Change
    • King Corn
    • Soul Food Junkies
    • SuperSize Me
    • Vegucated

SPREAD the Word and Get Involved

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